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We could begin our story by talking about our history. But at Arhaus, we are fashion-forward—always looking into the future. And fingers crossed, we hope you are along for the ride!

Retail is fast and exciting, but what keeps our people here is that the office doesn't feel like an office at all. It feels like home. It’s that message that transcends from our associates to our customers and it cannot be taught or passed down. Like any inspiration, it comes from within. Simply put, our people are the heart of Arhaus.

Our journey began in 1986, with a father and a son, and a big passion for furniture. Today, that passion continues to grow. It’s instilled in the artisans we work with, many of them with their own family business, who have been working with Arhaus to bring our unique, handcrafted creations to life for decades.

Home furnishings are our business. But what truly makes a house a home are the people who live inside its walls. We welcome you to take a sneak peek inside of ours. Hear the incredible stories from people just like you:


We believe that our people and the incredible places we explore all have unique stories just waiting to be told. Our eclectic style reflects our relationship with skilled artisans around the world. Unlike our competition, we closely manage all aspects of the creative process in order to deliver products of superior craftsmanship and design. We travel the globe to find compelling stories, often bringing antiques and reclaimed pieces back to our Cleveland home office to serve as inspiration for our furniture and accessory collections. Our vision is layered and distinctive, combining traditional, sustainable and forward-thinking practices in order to achieve the highest level of engagement.

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