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Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug
Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug
Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug
Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug
Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug
Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug
6' X 9'
  • 6' X 9'
  • 8' X 10'
  • 9' X 12'

Adella Purple 6' x 9' Tibetan Rug

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An ancient art in Tibet, people combined a household need with spiritual practice to create beautiful handmade floor coverings. Beginning each process with virgin wool from sheep reared high in the Himalayan Mountains, the weaving is completely done by hand. Because this unique wool is high in lanolin content, the rugs naturally repel stains.
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Product Details
    • Hand-woven from wool and silk blends.
    • High knot per square inch allows them to tighten over time with wear rather than loosen.
    • Vegetable dyes are used to create the vibrant colors.
Recommended Care
    • Use a rug pad to avoid transfer and limit wear to prolong its life.
    • Store in dry, well-ventilated area and turn occasionally to equalize wear.
    • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it may cause discoloration over time.
    • Use rug protectors under legs of heavy furniture.
    • Clip loose ends with scissors; do not pull.
    • Vacuum regularly with brushless attachment to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the roots of the fibers.
    • Rugs (especially wool rugs) are prone to a natural shedding process. With regular vacuuming, the shedding will decrease over time. Hand-knotted rugs tend to shed less than hand-tufted rugs, and flatweave rugs will shed less than those with a deeper pile. All rugs will shed more in high-traffic areas than they do in lower-traffic spaces.
    • Spot clean by blotting with clean, undyed cloth pressing firmly around the spill to absorb.
    • Clean as needed with mild soap and hang dry.
    • Consult a professional cleaner for a thorough cleaning.
    • Not machine washable.
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