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Chairs & Chaises

45 Results |
Tenley Upholstered Chair With Nail heads in Mansion Pewter and Fossil
$1,699.00 SALE: $1,249.00 Available in mid-November.
Vero Leather Chair in Aubergine Hair on Hide
$3,999.00 SALE: $2,999.00 Limited Quantity
Leroux Upholstered Chair In Leroux Dove
$2,399.00 SALE: $1,699.00
Scout Upholstered Armless Chair in Bessie Holstein
$2,499.00 SALE: $1,799.00 Available in mid-November.
Leeds Upholstered Chair in Marne Bronze
$1,599.00 SALE: $1,199.00
Grace Rocking Chair in Black
$649.00 SALE: $499.00
Fleur Upholstered Chair in Perky Garden
$1,549.00 SALE: $1,099.00
Baldwin Slipcovered Chair In Eggshell
$1,899.00 SALE: $1,399.00
Tansy Chair in Tibetan Ivory Sheepskin
$2,699.00 SALE: $2,099.00
Blair Tufted Upholstered Chair in Glinda Linen
$2,399.00 SALE: $1,499.00 Limited Quantity
Halstead Upholstered Chair In Siriano Graphite
$2,199.00 SALE: $1,699.00 Available at the beginning of December.
Audrey Tufted Upholstered Chaise In Tumble Natural
$1,799.00 SALE: $1,299.00 Available in mid-November.
Rio Upholstered Chair In Iradessa Slate
$2,699.00 SALE: $1,999.00
Denton Upholstered Swivel Chair In Cannes Black
$1,999.00 SALE: $1,299.00 Limited Quantity
Charlotte Pewter Chair
$1,399.00 SALE: $999.00
Charlotte Arabella Pewter Chair
$1,399.00 SALE: $999.00
Holden Leather Armless Chair in Brindle Angus
$2,299.00 SALE: $1,699.00 Available at the end of December.
Holden Upholstered Armless Chair in Stacey Smoke
$1,299.00 SALE: $799.00 Limited Quantity
Edenton Upholstered Chair In Milan Beechnut
$3,599.00 SALE: $1,699.00 Limited Quantity
Filmore Twin Upholstered Air-sleeper Sofa
$2,399.00 SALE: $1,999.00 Available at the end of October.
Rylan Tufted Upholstered Chair in Taranto Dove
$1,899.00 SALE: $1,299.00 Available at the end of October.
Brekan Upholstered Chair in TRIBECA PEWTER
$1,549.00 SALE: $1,199.00 Available at the end of October.
Banks Tufted Upholstered Chair In Brienne Brick
$2,499.00 SALE: $799.00 Limited Quantity
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