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Product Care

Worry-Free Comfort Protection Plan

Take comfort in knowing that your furniture is protected. Click here to learn more about our accident protection program.

Washable Slipcovers

Prior to washing, please ensure that your fabric is machine washable, as indicated by the code “PW” (Pre-Washed).

  • Remove slipcovers and close all openings to avoid trapping lint.
  • Divide slipcovers into 2-3 loads. Do not mix in other laundry.
  • Dissolve mild, colorless liquid detergent (without bluing agents) in cold water before adding the slipcover to the machine. Do not use bleach.
  • Machine wash each load on the gentle-cycle.
  • Tumble-dry each load on low heat for five minutes, then continue on air cycle for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Remove from dryer while damp and refit onto piece. Stand cushions on end and periodically flip over until dry.
  • Do not accellerate the drying process. Doing so can cause fabric to shrink.


Microfiber fabrics are made of polyester fibers that are 100X finer than a human hair. Because of how dense and tightly woven the fibers are, microfiber fabrics are liquid repellant, like raingear. At Arhaus, we have developed a line of microfibers that are durable, wrinkle and pill resistant, while at the same time breathable and fashion forward.

Performance with beauty describes the potential of microfiber fabrics. Their luxurious feel and look as well as their unique physical and mechanical performance is what makes microfibers so special.

Microfibers are very fine fibers compared to more conventional fibers; microfibers are half the diameter of a fine silk fiber, one-third the diameter of cotton, one-quarter the diameter of fine wool, and one hundred times finer than human hair. This very fine quality gives the microfibers very unique and desirable properties.

When many fine microfibers are woven together, an upholstery fabric with wonderful depth and body is created. Because many more fibers are required to make the fabric, there is a greater fiber surface area, resulting in deeper, richer, and brighter colors. Although fine and lightweight, the fabrics don’t exhibit a flimsy quality. The many tiny fibers can slide back and forth and maneuver around within the yarns allowing the fabric to flow and drape freely, yet still possess body.

Microfiber fabrics are generally light