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Sunjel Gel Fuel Can 6-Pack
Sunjel Gel Fuel Can 6-Pack
Sunjel Gel Fuel Can 6-Pack
  • 6-PACK
  • 12-PACK
  • 24-PACK

Sunjel Gel Fuel Can 6-Pack

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Formulated with all-natural, organic and environmentally friendly ingredients, SunJel Gel Fuel Cans are the only compatible fuel for Arhaus Fire Tables. When ignited, SunJel’s alcohol-based fuel produces a beautiful, rich, orange 7-10” flame for up to three hours. The recipe includes an agent that provides a soothing crackling sound that simulates a burning wood fire. Proudly made in America, the gel cans are available in 6-, 12- or 24-pack cases, so you never have to run out.
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Product Details
    • When ignited, SunJel’s alcohol-based fuel produces a beautiful 7-10” flame in a rich, orange color.
    • Includes an agent that provides a soothing crackling sound that simulates a burning wood fire.
    • Smokeless, odorless and virtually emission-free.
    • Each can of SunJel will burn for up to three hours.
    • Each 16-ounce can contains 13 ounces of fuel. Space at the top of the can is provided to minimize the possibility of spillage when opening the paint-can-style lid.
    • The components in SunJel are not explosive. SunJel is verified to be adequately packaged and safe to transport, store and use under the guidelines provided in the SunJel user’s manual.
    • SunJel is not available in Arhaus stores and is a final sale (returns are not accepted).
Recommended Care
    • Carefully read all instructions and warnings that come with your fire table and SunJel.
    • Disposable SunJel canisters are designed for single use only.
    • Never attempt to refill.
    • Never pour SunJel from its single-use can.
    • Do not mix SunJel fuel with any other substance.
    • Use in a well-ventilated area.
    • Use only an extended lighter or long fireplace match to ignite gel fuel.
    • Wear eye protection during ignition process.
    • Do not inhale fumes.
    • Do not smoke near gel fuel.
    • Do not allow children or pets near open flames.
    • Do not use for cooking.
    • Improper use and handling may cause property damage, serious injury or death.
    • Harmful if swallowed.
    • Use lid snuffer tool to extinguish flame.
    • Allow at least 20 minutes for device to cool before handling.
    • If spill results in fire, use CO2 extinguisher or baking soda to extinguish flames.
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