Cava Dining Chair
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Cava Dining Chair

$449.00 REG REG $649.00

Gracefully styled to perfectly complement design aesthetics from contemporary to eclectically traditional, our Cava Dining Chairs feature shapely silhouettes. With craftsman-built metal foundations and reinforced hardwood frames, these elegant chairs are as durable as they are gorgeous. Antique Brass chair bases provide sophisticated contrast to each seat’s elegantly quilted upholstery, which is elevated by sculptural, gradually tapered backs. Luxe seats and backrests are generously padded with eco-friendly foam and sustained by a flexible network of heavy-duty webbing for hours of relaxing yet resilient comfort.

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Cava Dining Chair
$449.00 REG REG $649.00
  • Details
      • Bases are forged from metal and finished by hand with an Antiqued Brass or Black tone for added contrast.
      • Craftsman-built frames are constructed using kiln-dried, cross-directional hardwood laminate for added strength and durability.
      • Exceedingly durable wooden frames are designed to not change shape due to changes in temperature or humidity.
      • Our sustainably certified Crypton® Nomad Snow and Nomad Slate Home Performance Fabrics are easy to clean, soft, and durable—engineered with stain-, odor-, and moisture-resistant technology in every fiber.
      • Resilient upholstery is padded with generous, eco-friendly foam for superior comfort.
      • Seats and backrests are also sustained by flexible, heavy-duty webbing for reliable support.
      • Seats are also sustained by flexible, heavy-duty webbing for reliable support.
      • Seat measures 19" h.
  • Care
    • Arhaus collections are crafted by artisans from around the world and are expertly designed to withstand everyday use. However, as even the best-made furnishings and décor are not indestructible, normal wear and tear will reflect use and care.  
    • Depending on the fabric or leather selected, certain cleaning codes may apply.
    • Pieces upholstered in Sunday fabrics are S CODE: Spot-clean only with water-free cleaning solvent. Do not use water.
    • Chairs upholstered in Crypton® Nomad Snow and Nomad Slate Home Performance Fabrics are code SW: Spot-clean using distilled water or water-based cleaning agents. Foam from a mild detergent or mild dry-cleaning solvents can also be used.
    • Crypton® fabrics can be cleaned using clear, mild detergent and water. Do not bleach. For tough stains, rub with a soft brush. Blot with a clean towel, rinsing thoroughly; let air-dry.
    • For best results, follow use instructions for all cleaning products carefully. Do not over apply.
    • To help prevent fabrics and leathers from fading over time, avoid placing indoor upholstery in direct sunlight or near sources of heat or moisture.
    • Vacuum your upholstery occasionally, using upholstery and crevice attachments to clean up loose particles.
    • Spot-clean upholstery using a clean, absorbent, undyed cloth with a blotting motion. Blot from the outside towards the middle of the soiled area to prevent rings. Never scrub.
    • Before cleaning, pre-test upholstery cleaners for color loss and compatibility by applying a small amount to a hidden section of fabric.
    • Avoid over-rubbing and never clean fabrics with a hard-bristle brush as this could damage fabrics.
    • For best results, follow use instructions for all cleaning products carefully. Do not over apply.
    • All fabrics may pill from friction and normal wear, as everyday use loosens fibers. Occasionally use a fabric (or “sweater”) shaver to gently remove pills. Pilling should decrease once loose fibers are removed.
    • Metal surfaces should be dusted regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove any particles or loose dirt.
    • Avoid contact with excessive moisture.
    • Wipe-up spills immediately with a soft, dry cloth; remove dirt with a damp cloth. Dry immediately.
    • Do not clean using care products containing ammonia or silicone, as these could damage metal finishes.
    • Avoid using abrasives or harsh, corrosive chemicals as these could scratch or mark surfaces.
    • For overall cleaning or to clean any overly soiled upholstery, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning service.
  • Dimensions
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    Depth "
    Arm Dimensions
    Seat Dimensions
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  • Warranty
    We are committed to telling your home design story. This means bringing you designs handcrafted by the world's most skilled artisans, using the highest quality materials and paying attention to every detail in the construction process. To ensure this quality, we warrant our merchandise to be free of defects in both material and workmanship. Please see our Limited Warranty for details.
  • Protection
    Protect your furniture investment from damage by purchasing our Worry-Free Protection Plan. Please Note: The Worry-Free Protection Plan must be purchased prior to the scheduling of delivery and cannot be purchased once the order has been scheduled to leave our warehouse.
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