Pollack Slipcovered Sofa
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Pollack Slipcovered Sofa

$3,099.00 REG REG $4,449.00

With clean, modern lines, Pollack’s simple and elegant design complements many décor styles—from modern to eclectic to industrial. Pollack would look perfectly at home in a California mansion, a contemporary, urban loft or a prairie-style cottage. Complimentary lumbar-style pillows beckon you to lounge in luxurious comfort. Use the ottoman to stretch out your legs and relax, add extra seating aside the armless sofa, or allow it to serve as a coffee table.

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Pollack Slipcovered Sofa
$3,099.00 REG REG $4,449.00
  • Details
    • Stocked in Delilah White, a pre-washed, machine-washable cotton.
    • Choose from 6 additional colors of Delilah fabric for the same price as stock.
    • Special-order slipcovers in more than 140 pre-washed fabrics or choose from over 350 additional dry-cleanable fabrics to customize your look for a slight increase in price.
    • Slipcovers are hand-sewn by skilled seamstresses and tailors, who fit the fabric onto our frames, ensuring a perfect fit on every piece.
    • Slipcovers are easily removable and many are machine washable.
    • Fully lined skirts maintain each silhouette’s beautiful lines with a fitted hang.
    • Built from kiln-dried, cross-directional hardwood laminate for lasting strength and stability, this durable construction will not change shape due to temperature or humidity.
    • Strong, durable and earth-friendly, the frame is constructed entirely from wood that has been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, an organization that maintains standards in the preservation and protection of natural forests.
    • All joints are corner-blocked and glued, then doubly reinforced with a mortise-and-tenon construction to guarantee years of structural reliability.
    • Cushions are sustained by a steel suspension system secured with heavy-duty 11-gauge helical coil springs that are made of 95 percent recycled steel and aluminum.
    • To create a sleek, taut appearance while maintaining a comfortable feel, the seat cushions feature a 2.0-density foam core topped with an eco-friendly foam wrap consisting of more than 20 percent plant-based material and are encased in layers of soft Dacron plus an abundance of fibers, feathers and down to deliver a soft and cozy feel.
    • The entire insert is enfolded in a sumptuous, supremely white down feather and poly fiber blend that is channel-stitched into a down-proof ticking to create that irresistible “sink-into” feel while maintaining the cushion’s shape through years of use.
  • Care
    • Depending on the type of fabric you select, certain cleaning codes apply. It is extremely important that you adhere to the specifications of cleaning codes in order to get the maximum cleaning results.
    • Stocked pieces in Delilah White are SW CODE: Spot clean only with solvent or water-based cleaner.
    • For all cleaning codes, pre-test any/all cleaners for color loss and fabric compatibility. Use distilled water when mixing cleaners. Do not over wet.
    • Prior to washing, ensure that your slipcovers are machine-washable.
    • Stocked Delilah White slipcovers are machine washable.
    • Remove slipcovers, close all openings and divide into two to three loads. Do not mix with other laundry.
    • Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle with a mild liquid detergent (without bluing agents). Do NOT use bleach.
    • Tumble dry each load on low heat for five minutes, and then continue on the air cycle for ten to 15 minutes. Remove from the dryer while damp and refit onto piece.
    • Stand cushions on end and periodically flip over until dry.
    • For a quick spot clean, use a solvent or water-based cleaning product.
    • For overall soiling, use a professional cleaning service.
    • All fabric may fade over time. Wearability of fabric is relative to care and use.
    • Rotate cushions periodically to distribute wear.
    • Dust wood with a soft, dry cloth and buff periodically using a non-wax furniture polish such as Guardsman® Wood Polish.
    • Spills should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.
    • Always avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat (e.g. by placing it in front of a radiator) as this can cause cracking and potential fading of the wood; a minimum 30 cm clearance from heat sources is advised.
    • Do not drag piece(s) across the floor as this will cause damage or weaken joints.
    • Dropping furniture onto corners or feet will cause damage.
    • Leaning backwards on two legs of a chair may weaken joints.
    • Toys, buckles and heels will scratch furnishings—try to prevent these objects from coming into contact with your piece(s).
  • Dimensions
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    Depth "
    Arm Dimensions
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  • Warranty
    We are committed to telling your home design story. This means bringing you designs handcrafted by the world's most skilled artisans, using the highest quality materials and paying attention to every detail in the construction process. To ensure this quality, we warrant our merchandise to be free of defects in both material and workmanship. Please see our Limited Warranty for details.
  • Protection
    Protect your furniture investment from damage by purchasing our Worry-Free Protection Plan. Please Note: The Worry-Free Protection Plan must be purchased prior to the scheduling of delivery and cannot be purchased once the order has been scheduled to leave our warehouse.
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