Leona Terracotta Copper Dining Table
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Leona Terracotta Copper Dining Table

$4,299.00 REG REG $6,149.00

Thousands of monarch butterflies make their way to an enchanting Mexican village once a year, where metalworking is a prized skill passed down from generation to generation. From this destination comes our Terracotta Dining Table, bringing new life to recycled copper, forged over an open flame to create distinctive patterns and colors. 

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Leona Terracotta Copper Dining Table
$4,299.00 REG REG $6,149.00
  • Details
    • Artisan-crafted tabletops are made from sheets of 100 percent recycled copper formed onto hardwood.
    • Varied patinas are created by holding each tabletop over open flame.
    • Two layers of lacquer add protection and a subtle sheen. 
    • Upon completion, our artisans hand-stamp a Monarch butterfly onto the edge of each tabletop, signifying its transformation.
    • Terracotta’s smooth, sleek surface pairs beautifully with the rustic oak of our Leona Base.
    • 72" Terracotta Table seats up to 6.
    • 86" Terracotta Table seats up to 8.
    • 100" Terracotta Table seats up to 10.
    • This collection is artisan-crafted from reclaimed materials with hand-applied finishes. Individual pieces may vary in color, pattern, shape, and texture, making each truly unique.
  • Care
    • Our metal furnishings are craftsman-built and expertly finished to withstand day-to-day use. However, wear and tear of metal surfaces is relative to use and how well you maintain them.
    • Metal surfaces should be dusted regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove any particles or loose dirt.
    • Occasionally apply copper wax to protect copper surfaces and preserve finishes. Please follow use instructions for care products carefully and do not over apply.
    • Wipe-up spills immediately with a soft, dry cloth; remove dirt with a damp cloth. Dry immediately to prevent moisture damage.
    • Do not clean metal surfaces using care products containing ammonia or silicone, as these could also damage metal finishes.
    • Avoid using abrasives or harsh, corrosive chemicals as these could scratch or mark the metal’s surface.
    • Avoid sunlight, heat, and excessive moisture, which could cause cracking or fading.
    • Protect metal surfaces from incidental marks by using coasters, trivets, and felt pads.
    • Never place hot dishes directly on finished metal surfaces as this could cause scorching. Similarly, prolonged use of hot electrical equipment may also cause scorching.
  • Dimensions
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  • Warranty
    We are committed to telling your home design story. This means bringing you designs handcrafted by the world's most skilled artisans, using the highest quality materials and paying attention to every detail in the construction process. To ensure this quality, we warrant our merchandise to be free of defects in both material and workmanship. Please see our Limited Warranty for details.
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    Protect your furniture investment from damage by purchasing our Worry-Free Protection Plan. Please Note: The Worry-Free Protection Plan must be purchased prior to the scheduling of delivery and cannot be purchased once the order has been scheduled to leave our warehouse.
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