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About the Arhaus Trade Program

Program Eligibility

The Arhaus Trade Program is open to members of the design and real estate industry in the U.S.A., U.S. territories, Mexico, and Canada.


Interested parties must fill out the online application and appropriate tax forms to receive commissions. Applicants from the U.S. will provide a Form W-9 . Applicants from U.S. territories, Mexico, or Canada must provide a foreign contractor Form W-8 .

After completing the online application, you’ll receive an email with your trade ID number and instructions for submitting your W-9 or W-8. These forms show agreement that you won’t be paid as an Arhaus employee but as a vendor with no taxes withheld. Should your calendar year earnings from Arhaus exceed $600, you’ll receive a Form 1099-MISC for tax filing.

Your account will activate once your W-9 or W-8 is approved. Any inaccurate information you provide in any part of your application can result in delayed or forfeited payment on commissions.

Earning Commissions

Commissions are earned when you provide your trade ID number at the time of purchase. When shopping in-store, provide your ID number at checkout. To purchase online, email with your order and trade ID number before scheduling delivery.

Arhaus Loft and clearance center orders are not eligible for commissions.

Arhaus pays commissions quarterly on delivered merchandise. Orders are calculated and commissions are dispersed the month after the end of a quarter.

Commission Check Schedule

Checks sent last week of APRIL Checks sent last week of JULY Checks sent last week of OCTOBER Checks sent last week of JANUARY
Checks received within the first two weeks of MAY Checks received within the first two weeks of AUGUST Checks received within the first two weeks of NOVEMBER Checks received within the first two weeks of FEBRUARY

How Much Commission Is Earned

Trade orders receive current sale pricing, including all promotions. No additional discount is applied. Commissions are paid on the merchandise subtotal. Worry-free, tax, delivery, and installation charges aren’t included.

  • Earn 7% commission from $1.00–$49,999
  • Earn 10% commission from $50,000+
  • Commissions are based off delivered sales and reset annually on January 1.

    Placing Orders

    Once your application is approved and you receive your trade ID number, you can begin purchasing. Visit one of our showroom locations or shop online through our Trade Services Specialist with your trade ID number to receive credit on all purchases.

    When placing orders, the purchaser must be listed on the billing information. You don’t need to be named in the billing information unless you’re paying for the order. Your trade ID number is the critical piece of information to ensure your commissions.

    Should you not be present when your client is placing orders, please alert the store team in advance or as quickly as possible after the order is placed to ensure credit for the purchase.

    It’s your responsibility to provide your trade ID number to your Design Consultant at the time of purchase. Not doing so can result in delayed or forfeited commissions.

    If you lose your trade ID number, contact , call 866.427.4287, option 5 or alert a local store for assistance.

    Commission Checks

    Based on your W-9, checks are issued to either the primary contact or the business name. If you’re a firm with multiple designers and wish to receive individual checks, please apply for separate accounts.

    Checks are mailed to the address on file via USPS by the end of the month after quarter-end. Please allow 30 days before submitting a missing check claim. (See Commission Check Schedule.)

    You’ll also receive an invoice showing all delivered items credited to your account. You must notify of any discrepancies within 90 days of the end of the quarter.

    Detailed Product Information

    View product handouts for detailed information on some of our bestselling products.

    Returns and Exchanges

    Any returns, exchanges, or price adjustments processed after payment of commissions will be applied to the following quarter's earnings.

    Tax Exemption

    For you to claim tax exemption, Arhaus requires a copy of your tax exemption certificate for each state where merchandise will be delivered. You must present this certificate with each order at the time of purchase, in-store or online, to have taxes removed. For the certificate to be approved, billing information on the order must match the information on the certificate.

    Form 1099-MISC

    1099 tax forms are sent at the end of January to trade program members who have earned over $600 in the previous year. For tax purposes, earnings are based on when checks are received, not when purchases are made.

    Updating Information

    If you move, change names, or would like to make any adjustments to your trade account, send your updated information to Not doing so can result in delayed or forfeited commissions.

    If you make any business changes that might require an updated W-9, please send them to .

    Only the primary contact or additional authorized contacts can make changes to a trade account. To add an authorized contact, the primary contact must submit their information to .

    Who to Contact

    To request samples, product information, or a quote Your online or local showroom Design Consultant
    For questions on an open order placed at a showroom Your online or local showroom Design Consultant
    To check the status of an account or commission
    For inquiries on applications, commissions, or general questions
    To place an order or if you have questions on an existing online order 866.427.4287, option 5
    For issues upon delivery, returns, or warranty issues: 866.427.4287, option 3