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JJ Yosh’s Mountainside Retreat

For JJ Yosh, living on the edge is more than just a mindset. A few years ago, the adventure filmmaker bought a home in the foothills of Boulder, CO. Built into the side of a cliff, the distinctive house emerges from the mountain like an organic outcropping amid the alpine terrain.
Since then, JJ has gradually remade the home in his vision, finding inspiration in Colorado’s serene and sprawling landscapes. “I’ve tried to design my space to reflect a Zen, natural environment that feels more alive and more in harmony with my outdoor surroundings,” he explains. Indoor garden areas fed by a self-watering system built into the rocks help. As do floor-to-ceiling windows on several sides, boasting breathtaking views of the valley and forest below.
To furnish the multilevel interior—an open layout featuring rooms that flow seamlessly from one to the other and an airy mezzanine connecting to the upstairs—JJ partnered with Arhaus Interior Designer Julia Hamlin to curate the common spaces. “Arhaus furniture is elevated yet with a very organic feel,” he says. “A lot of the pieces have natural elements, so working together just made sense.”

His favorite design? The Clayhill Coffee Table that anchors the living room. Handcrafted of petrified wood cut from lengths of fossilized trees, the table is emblematic of the organic sensibility JJ was seeking. The base is sculpted from resin to mimic tree trunks, while the tabletop’s inlaid mosaic is marked by variegated colors and patterns. “It couldn’t be more natural than what it is,” he notes, adding that it resembles the layered rocks surrounding the house.

To create a comfortable seating area around the table, JJ combined a Kipton Sectional and a pair of sculptural Fresno Swivel Chairs, both artisan-crafted in North Carolina of sustainably sourced wood and upholstered in leather. For the sofa, he chose a mossy green color “reminiscent of plants” which picks up the palette of the thousands of pine trees outside. He selected a whiskey-brown shade for the cozy bucket chairs, an earthy hue with rich tonal variations that remind JJ of the bark on the Douglas firs that dot the hill.

He opted for leather “because it feels cleaner to me and more durable,” he says. Plus, the avid Jurassic Park fan explains, the rich leathers “bring a kind of geological, paleontological feel, just like the coffee table does.”

Behind the sofa stands the Ubud Console, handcrafted by Indonesian artisans of sustainably sourced reclaimed teak. A rustic design that honors the wood’s distinctive knots and cracks perfectly suits JJ’s Zen-inspired aesthetic and recalls the old tree trunks that lay in his backyard. Tucked underneath the console is the Laos Pouf. Handcrafted of jute, the natural material nods to the twine he used to fasten bamboo ladders and terraces throughout his home.

Being here, says JJ, is like living in a biodome. “I continue to customize my house one inch at a time, making it feel more and more like I’m living outdoors, yet in a controlled environment. This is what I’m meant to do, build with the Earth,” he explains. “And this is just the beginning.”

This is what I’m meant to do, build with the Earth. And this is just the beginning.

JJ Yosh Adventure Filmmaker