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The right rug can absolutely transform a space, setting the foundation for its design and infusing welcoming warmth into every moment.

Handcrafted by some of the world’s most skilled artisans, the Arhaus Rug Collection has been carefully curated to include a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and construction styles, so you can always find the one that’s just right for your home.

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Traditional Rugs

Reflecting the beautiful artistry of Central Asia, Turkey, and Persia in reimagined ways, our traditional rugs infuse modern sensibilities into classically ornate patterns. Each timeless design is crafted for rich, authentic character.

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Discover luxurious styles, abstract designs, and gorgeous colors. Our contemporary rugs are handcrafted to elevate any space with unparalleled quality, perfectly composed to fit your modern décor.

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Hand-Knotted Rugs

Meticulously crafted and exquisitely beautiful, every detail of our hand-knotted rugs is a labor of love. Using time-honored traditions passed down for generations, thousands of individual knots are woven with ardent expertise.

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Solid Rugs

Time-honored practices and clean, contemporary aesthetics are at the heart of our solid rugs, each one radiating neutral tones, luxurious textures, and soft fibers that provide dimension and contrast.

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Textured Rugs

Soft hues and incredibly textured dimension evoke premium luxury that you can see and feel. The dense, plush pile and patterns of our textured rugs are loomed by hand, ensuring an appealing mix of comfort and form.

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Hide & Sheepskin Rugs

Genuine. Authentic. Completely unmatched. Capturing naturally beautiful tonality, our hide and sheepskin rugs are handcrafted from segments of premium, undyed hair on hide, carefully selected for their exquisite quality and luster.

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Jute & Natural Rugs

Crafted from plant and grass fibers, our jute and natural rugs embody natural textures and neutral color palettes, with soft cushioning, stability, and sfotness for effortless layering throughout your home.

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Flatweave Rugs

The chunky twists, loops, and elegant textures of our flatweave rugs add eye-catching composition to any room, with rustic and durable designs perfect for casual décor and versatility for more formal settings.

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Performance & Outdoor Rugs

Woven with weather-resistant fibers for premium durability, our performance and outdoor rugs provide all-weather, all-season beauty with easy-to-clean durability for any space in your home that needs it.

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Rug Pads

Designed to protect and preserve the beauty of your rugs, our rug pads will help to absorb the impact of constant food traffic, while also preventing scuffs and scratches and extending the life of your rug.

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