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Our $10M Pledge to the Rainforest

Arhaus is pledging $10 million to support The Nature Conservancy in its efforts to protect the critical rainforests of Borneo, Indonesia.

These incredible rainforests are some of the most biodiverse and species-rich in the world, and we are honored to join TNC as it works alongside YKAN, its local Indonesian affiliate, to embark on an ambitious project that will help pave a new path for sustainable forestry.

At Arhaus, we have always been passionate about preserving our planet. We were founded in 1986 with the objective to source wood sustainably and to create heirloom quality furniture with a global perspective. Our hope has remained the same for more than 35 years—that our furniture will be passed down for generations, and that it will not end up in landfills.

Now more than ever, we must all do our part to help slow down global warming. We are listening to our global scientists, and we are seeing and feeling the effects of climate change in ways that are very real. Our climate is unstable, wildlife populations have declined nearly 70% since 1970, and communities around the world are suffering. We must take bold action now, and we hope others will join us in this effort. Over the next year, we will share this incredible journey with you.  

Together, we will make a difference.





Learn more about The Nature Conservancy's work in Indonesia.

Photo © Riccardo Marchegiani/TNC Photo Contest 2019