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storied i: rooted

With Every Fiber, Being

In every trace of tree, a lifetime of qualities and characteristics are worn deeply. Milpa burls and other weathered roots put their past courage and brawn on display. An exhibition of knots, splits, blemishes, and cracks. Of warping and wormholes.

Each still holds tight the strength of ages and ancestry. All swirled and mottled inside. Their once-soaring reach turned inward. Condensed into intricate, lined designs.

These weighty roots are quiet. Patient. Insistent that they stand apart. And that is where our ambitions align.

In the uncommon. In unexpected artistry and approach. Shared here, with artisans that embrace found materials. “We design backwards,” explains Pablo, who creates heirloom furnishing alongside his father, Javier. “We let each tree reveal its intention, then we decide what to create.”

Where others see imperfect, flawed, and unusable, Javier sees pliant and possible. And they do. Promising trees a forever state as meaningful and beautiful as their lives before.

“Our father always says we must honor the life of the tree.” Rodrigo
Fire-Burnt Yukas

Scorched. Stained. Celebrated. The unique shape of each yukas tree drives forward these designs—dictating the shape of the weathered steel panels that will envelop them. Panels that have been left in the elements to age in stains and speckles. Together creating the pieces of our Acacius Collection.

Cross Section Milpa Burl

Silhouettes of precious burl are sliced. Slowly. Carefully. Hand-finished to accentuate their natural character, the pieces are enfolded around a base of weathered steel; matching its rustic patina and displayed like a flower in full bloom. Our Obra Collection is singularly made.

Saw-Marked Mexican Oak

Deeply gained and distinctive, from oak trees both reclaimed and sustainably grown. Boards are smoothed and lacquered by hand, drawing out every grain and organic detail. Soon after, they are joined with naturally weathered steel, equal in its imperfection. The crafting of our Telluride Collection.