Room Planner



Let’s turn the spaces you love into the home of your dreams! Our Room Planner allows you to easily visualize how your new furniture will look in your home by simply dragging over 3,000 Arhaus furniture pieces directly into your own custom room layout. Personalize your plan by changing room dimensions, paint and floor coverings, and choosing from hundreds of fabric and finish options. View your room in 3D, then save your design to review later, share with friends, or reach out to us for  Complimentary Design Services to help bring your vision to life.

How do I get started?

Open the Room Planner and choose the room you want to design and the basic shape. Next, use the sliders to adjust dimensions or type in your exact room measurements. Choose to start with a blank layout or select a Room Style representing looks from our latest catalog. 

How do I add or remove furniture in my design?

In the green left column, select the chair icon to view Arhaus furniture – use the dropdown boxes to narrow by category. Scroll through all the available options. Click the grey circle with the “I” icon next to any piece to see dimensions and fabric and finish options. Select your item and drag it onto your layout. To remove an item, click once and select the trash bin icon. 

How do I move or rotate furniture in my design?

To move a piece, click and hold and move the item to the desired location. To rotate an item, click once and the rotate options will appear. Use the circle icons to rotate in 45-degree increments or the green arrows to free-rotate. This can be done in either 2D or 3D mode. 

How do I change fabric or finish options?

Select the item you wish to change and refer to the left column to see the options for upholstery or finish. Expand the arrow to see options available. Click the boxes to see your choice reflected in your design. Click the X to close this section when you are done. 

How do I save my room layout?

Select the Save option in the upper right corner of your screen. Enter your name and email address and Room Planner will email you room photos, a shopping list, and a link to your project. You should receive the email within a few minutes. If you do not see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder, refresh your web browser or try entering and saving your email address again in case there was a typo. You can use your list to shop online or in store, share with friends, or request to work with one of our designers. 

How do I view my room in 3D?

Select the 3D button in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see a 3D view from an overhead (birds eye) view. Click the person icon to view the room as if you have entered it. Navigate your room by tapping your arrow keys to move in and out or side to side. Click and hold your mouse while dragging back and forth or up and down to look around the room. 

How do I change paint and flooring options?

Click on a wall to open the wall finish options in the left column. Select from a wide variety of paints and materials. Repeat this process on each wall. To edit flooring, click an open spot on the floor to open the material options for the floor. 

How do I add or change doors and windows?

To move a door or window, simply click and drag it to a new location along any wall. To increase or decrease the width of an object that is already in your plan, select the item, then drag the grey dots to your desired width or choose settings to edit the color of the item. Various window and door styles, as well as entryways are available by selecting an existing door or window – then in the left column, selecting Similar Items. Select an item and drag it onto a wall in your layout. 

For additional questions, please contact your local store.