Hardwood Teak: Beautiful & Resilient By Nature

Celebrating—and caring for—the natural characteristics of one of our most incredible outdoor materials.

With natural strength and durability matched only by its stunning beauty, there are few materials on Earth more perfectly suited for outdoor collections than hardwood teak.

Not only is the teak used by our artisan partners responsibly grown and harvested, it features slight variations in color, graining, and character. These organic imperfections mean that no two pieces are ever exactly alike—and we believe their uniqueness should be embraced.

Teak is also celebrated for its inherently timeless look, which blends seamlessly with décor styles for modern to traditional—elevating outdoor spaces with an inviting, cozy feel.

And, whether you prefer to spend your days lounging in the sun or relaxing in the shade, the best way to ensure the longevity and resilience of your outdoor teak furniture is to understand its natural characteristics—and how to properly care for them.


Natural Teak

Some of our most gorgeous outdoor collections are crafted from premium natural teak that is untreated and unfinished. The golden, organic color of these collections is created by our artisan partners, who finely sand each teak plank until smooth.

Over time, these warm, golden tones will eventually fade to a silvery-grey patina, a weathering process that will begin immediately if your teak furniture is left uncovered in the elements, including daylight.

Due to changes in humidity, it’s also important to note that, over time, natural teak may display small splits, knots, joint lines, mold spores, and other characteristics, adding uniqueness to your furniture pieces without affecting their quality or performance. In dry climates, this transformation in appearance will occur slowly. In locations with frequent fluctuation in climate and humidity, it will occur more quickly.


Finished Teak

Many of our outdoor teak collections feature richly toned finishes like Weathered Fawn and Driftwood Grey, which are hand-applied and wire-brushed by our artisan partners to create subtly distressed appearances.

Over time, small imperfections and hairline cracks in finished teak may expose underlying wood that, if left uncovered, will gradually fade and acquire a silvery-grey patina—similar to that of untreated teak wood—adding unique character to your furniture.


Natural Oils & Oil Surfacing

Teak’s lasting durability is due, in part, to the natural oils that help it prevent drying, resist moisture, and repel insects. These oils also make teak resistant to fungal decay, rotting, and warping due to the temperature and humidity of its surroundings.

These oils also cause a natural occurrence called oil surfacing, in which teak oil will pool on the surfaces of new or very young natural teak, almost like a watermark pattern of discoloration. While there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening, the likelihood of oil surfacing will significantly reduce as your natural teak furniture matures in the elements.

Until your natural teak has properly aged, we recommend rinsing and wiping down the frames to remove any residual oils or dust before you enjoy your furniture. Don’t forget to let the frames air dry completely, and note that this process may need to be repeated periodically. Because teak oils can stain fabrics, it’s best to remove your furniture’s cushions when they’re not in use. Any fabric stained by teak oil can be cleaned with a pH-neutral soap (like Dawn® Dishwashing Liquid) and water.


The Importance Of Furniture Covers

To preserve the look of your teak furniture, it’s best to protect it from the elements with furniture covers, or by moving it indoors when you’re not using it for long periods of time. Always make sure to clean and dry the frames and cushions of your furniture before storing it away.

Whether you choose an outdoor collection that’s natural or finished, contemporary or classic, you can rest assured: A little understanding and care is all it takes to help ensure you’re enjoying the beauty and longevity of your outdoor teak furniture for many years to come.