Jaden Hand Loomed Rug Swatch
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Jaden Hand Loomed Rug Swatch


Order a rug sample to see a portion of the rug in person and compare it to your existing décor. Each swatch is selected to represent a rug’s color and construction. To see a rug’s full pattern, please refer to the full sized rug. When you’re done, return it within 14 days, and we’ll give you a full refund.

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Jaden Hand Loomed Rug Swatch
  • Details
    • Click Here to see the full version of this rug.
    • Return this rug swatch within 14 days to receive a full refund.
    • Rug swatches are selected to represent a rug’s color and construction only.
    • Rug swatches do not represent the pattern or design of a full rug.
  • Care
    • Arhaus collections are crafted by artisans from around the world and are expertly designed to withstand everyday use. However, as even the best-made furnishings and décor are not indestructible, normal wear and tear will reflect use and care.
    • Handcrafted rugs may vary in design, color, pattern, size, and weight; adding character to each piece and making it truly unique.
    • Use rug pads to protect your rugs and floors from transfer and wear—and to prevent sliding and slippage with use.
    • Use rug protectors under legs of heavy furniture to minimize damage and wear to rug fibers.
    • Rotate rugs occasionally to distribute wear from traffic.
    • Avoid sources of excess heat or abrasion, which could damage rug fibers, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight, which could cause fading and discoloration.
    • Fibers may sprout or shed from your rug, relative to traffic and wear. This is normal, and loose threads may be trimmed with household scissors. Do not pull loose or sprouting threads, which could cause further damage.
    • Dirt, food, and other loose debris can be scraped from rugs with a dull instrument.
    • Rugs should be vacuumed in one direction (not back and forth) using handheld brushless attachments to prevent the pulling of threads. Brooms or carpet sweepers are preferred. 
    • If your rug is reversible, vacuum or sweep both sides if possible.
    • Before cleaning, pre-test cleaners for color loss and compatibility by applying a small amount to a hidden section of material.
    • Spills should be removed immediately by blotting with a clean, absorbent, white cloth, lukewarm water, and mild soap.
    • After cleaning, blot dry with a towel or hang to dry.
    • Viscose fiber is not recommended for high-traffic areas due to its shedding. Viscose’s non-resilient fibers can make it more challenging to clean.
    • A carpet sweeper is best for 100% viscose rugs. If you do use a vacuum, set the power to low and disengage the beater bars.
    • Viscose is extremely absorbent. Stains can be removed using a damp cloth and mild cleanser. For tough stains, use the stain solution and gently apply the foam that rises to the top to the stained area. Blot with a clean damp cloth to finish. Avoid rubbing stains, which will cause them to settle in the rug’s fibers. 
    • Try to keep a viscose rug in a cool and dry location. Excessive moisture can cause the yarns to yellow or the dyes to bleed, while high heat can cause the rug yarns to shrink.
    • Periodically consult a professional cleaner for a thorough cleaning.
  • Dimensions
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  • Warranty
    We are committed to telling your home design story. This means bringing you designs handcrafted by the world's most skilled artisans, using the highest quality materials and paying attention to every detail in the construction process. To ensure this quality, we warrant our merchandise to be free of defects in both material and workmanship. Please see our Limited Warranty for details.
  • Protection
    Protect your furniture investment from damage by purchasing our Worry-Free Protection Plan. Please Note: The Worry-Free Protection Plan must be purchased prior to the scheduling of delivery and cannot be purchased once the order has been scheduled to leave our warehouse.
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