storied ii: segreto

Flowers Meant for Sky

The Florentine artistry preserved by Donato, Graziano, Serafino and Luca is expressed in gold leaf and sparkling, hand-tied crystals.

Seeing the great beauty that has come from their hands leaves the four artisan-partners with a satisfaction they have a hard time putting into words. They took over this small lighting factory from a painter named Pietro. With a deep and lasting love of this learned artistry, the men continue to work on these installations every day.

Influenced by nature and classic ornate metalwork, they create. Using raw, essential materials. Experimenting with modern finishes. Knowing, that to ensure the beauty of their work will not be lost, they must reinvent it. And they do. In forms meant to be shared. It feels symbolic, the soft glow cast by each sculpture. Just as their influence is cast over the younger workers. Proudly watching them come to love the craft they’ve spent their lives preserving. For more than 40 years, this found family continues on.

Rendering raindrops. Capturing sunlight as it darts and dances over buds and branches. Illuminating room after room after room. As well as those within them.

The Metalsmith

Graziano prepares to weld the Fiore Chandelier.

Knowing, that to ensure the beauty of their work will not be lost, they must reinvent it.


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Flowers Meant For Sky

Expressed in gold leaf and sparkling, hand-tied crystals, four artisan-partners forge chandeliers with a deep and lasting love.

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