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Presenting Bellissimo Segreto, A Beautiful Secret

Editor’s Note: In 2023, we sent a creative team to Italy to spend time with our many artisan partners. Each step of their journey revealed the most beautiful stories—stories as remarkable as the pieces created in the studios and workshops they visited. Bellissimo Segreto is a series that brings that journey home.

Shared here is an Italy past and present. A presence. Felt and seen and true. This Italy, our Italy, invites us to know her. To step into her artistry. And into the fantasy of her makers. Our eyes forever wide with wonder. Watching powdered pigment rise from the muted tap, tap, tap of a hand-transferred stencil. Lost in the hypnotic movements of threads woven. Finding, in the brightness of a metal spark meant to fuse forms, that we too feel connected. Collected. Taken by her splendor. And also committed to keeping it. These moments stay with us. In each, a subtle pull towards her. Revealing a most beautiful secret.

Her forever call to return.


Presenting Bellissimo Segreto

Join us on a journey across Italy, visiting artisan partners whose stories are as remarkable as the pieces they create.

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A Golden Thread

In a century-old textile mill near Lake Como, where a single thread connects passion and place, artisan weavers carry forth a tapestry of tradition.

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The Essence of Yesterday

Brushstrokes as charming as the man who laid them. Here, in his work and words, a painter shares the sun-dappled soul of his beloved studio.

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Flowers Meant For Sky

Expressed in gold leaf and sparkling, hand-tied crystals, four artisan-partners forge chandeliers with a deep and lasting love.

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The Embrace of Centuries

Generations of craftsmen sketch, cut, assemble, stain, and upholster, carrying the legacies of those who came before them.

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The Echo of the Hills

Winding up a steep, narrow road in Carrara, distant mountaintops trace the sky. Holding high a supply of marbled treasure.

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The Artistry of Our Italy

Crafted beyond compare and curated over decades, John Reed reflects on more than 30 years of the Arhaus Italian Collection.

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