Sumptuous texture and natural graining are just the beginning. Explore the materials we can’t get enough of this season.


A story so beautiful, it could only be written by nature. Grown on a tree’s bark as it endures natural stressors, no two burls are ever alike. Pieces crafted from this unmistakable and unpredictable material are highly sought after—each with its own unique and deeply varied pattern of swirls and speckles.


Warm and timeless, sophisticated and rustic. Genuine and faux leathers are a celebration of natural textures and graining, finished by hand for unforgettable allure. The Earthy tones of our leather collections blend with any style, while their luxurious aesthetics elevate every space.


Characterized by its repeated vertical ridges, texture-rich reeding brings dramatic design to surfaces of both wood and glass. This artisan-crafted, ribbed look feels refreshing and new, updating traditional silhouettes with unexpected, linear detailing.


We call it "hand," the way a fabric feels when you run your hand across it. There’s something incredibly appealing about the hand of a textured fabric; one that looks as good as it feels, and transforms even the most traditional silhouettes into something entirely new.


Formed beneath the Earth’s surface, as layers of limestone and calcium withstand years of pressure and heat. No two slabs of natural stone are ever the same, intertwining tones of grey, white, and brown with astonishing beauty.